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Extra Special Edition—

 Your Personal Headline On Authentic Newsprint  

Extra Special Edition—

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About Us: Personalized Newspaper Headlines


You’ve found us. Congratulations! Our goal is to help you through every process in creating your Personal Headline, make it Fun and as easy as ABC. We want you to realize that Personal Headlines is the only website on the World Wide Web providing this service. We know this statement is Hard To Believe and Implausible, but It Is A Fact!

Your Personal Headline is created by you and Printed by our Master Printers, by Hand, One at a Time, on Antique Printing Presses, using both Antique Wood and Lead Foundry Letters. The most Significant Fact describing Your Product is that we Print your Personal Headline on Authentic Newsprint. A Real Newspaper, Not a Facsimile, Not a Photocopy, Not a Digital Download. Your Newspaper is called a One Sheet. Unfolded your Newspaper is 17”x23”, printed on both sides. The Front of your Newspaper is in 4 colors, the back is black & white. Folded, your Personal Newspaper Headline is 11.5”x 17’’. This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION because in the Newspaper Business all of the most Dominant News is placed “ABOVE THE FOLD”.

Most importantly our Website is INTERACTIVE. When you create your Personal Headline, you will be able to view your product by simply hitting PREVIEW MY NEWSPAPER. Your paper will appear on a separate page enabling you to approve that Unique Headline and Feature Story ( if you chose to order one ), or change the Headline and Feature Story if it doesn’t meet your approval.

Please visit our Headline Ideas Page to check out some Great Headlines you might have missed. Then go to our Ordering Page for more information: Add Stars or Hearts, print your own Feature Story, order as many copies as you desire for Your Event at discounted prices, have your Newspaper Professionally Custom Framed in either Metal ( 4 colors ) or Handsome Wood Finishes ( Satin Black or Mahagony ).

We invite you to go to our Testimonials Page to get a better feel of the effect that our products have from both customers and the recipients of our Totally Unique Products.

All of our products carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Remember our motto: “WE SELL SMILES”


Personal Headlines - From Kiosks to Cyber-Space!Originally from New York, Melvyn has run his printing business from Dallas, Texas for many years now. At one point, Personal Headlines were available in kiosk locations in popular shopping malls and were a great success. With the advent of the Internet, Melvyn has seized on the idea of opening a store on everyone’s computer, rather than trying to do so in every mall!


Melvyn’s been printing personalized book jackets and personalized newspapers on authentic newsprint for over 30 years. We’ve had orders from all over the globe, our personalized headlines have even made it to the top of Mount Everest – No kidding!!


    The presses are rolling. Your Personal Headline, on authentic newsprint, is ready for circulation. Even though you are still a cub reporter, you’ve covered your beat well. Your scoop is considered hard news, good news. The newspaper name and personal headline you’ve created would make any editor proud. The deadline has been met!

    You have the opportunity to create the Newspaper Name, The Headline ( 2 or 3 lines ), and a Feature Story ( 500 characters max ) if you choose ( check out the details in scroll 2 entitled the perfect gift – your feature story ). All of your information appears above the fold. This is to ensure that you or your happy recipient sees his or her name or accomplishment immediately ( it’s the way all newspapers are sold! ) this personalized gift will be shipped with this scoop in full view. The folded size of your product is 11 ½” x 17”. Fully opened your newspaper size is 23” x 17”, printed both sides with fun, eclectic articles and pictures guaranteed to make you smile! That’s our absolute guarantee!

    We’ve been printing Personal Headlines for over 30 years. We have 10s of thousands of satisfied and smiling customers. Our headlines have been on the summit of mt everest and in the boardrooms of fortune 500 companies.

    At Personal Headlines you can order our basic newspaper only, or have your paper framed in 4 different colors (black, red, blue, gold metal), or take it to the limit by choosing an executive wood frame (satin black or mahagony, double matted, with non-glare glass). Both make a perfect and memorable gift for any occasion.

    Also available are our personalized book jackets; “how i became the world’s greatest…” or “everything i know about…” you choose the category and supply the author’s name (100 page hard covered book included).

Call our hotline 214-327-1793 for more details.

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