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Coach Bryan Patrick

We’re extremely high on Personal Headlines that deal with SPORTS. SPORTS start with Dads gently throwing a soft ball to a 2 year old on the front lawn. “Good catch” or “Try again, you’ll get it next time”. And when the kid, … Continue Reading »

Steve Murry Shoots 69

“HIT-A-HOLE-IN-ONE” WITH A “CUSTOM EXECUTIVE FRAME” It’s never been proven that this most popular of Executive Sports was Absolutely played first in Scotland, but that’s a Best and Compelling guess based on available information. If you wanted to truly dig into the … Continue Reading »

They’ve Got Game!

Yes, James Naismith Would Be Proud! The year was 1892 in a Massachusetts YMCA. Mr. Naismith was in charge of keeping the young athletes Healthy and Safe by creating Exciting Fun games. Volleyball was already one of those dependable and proven activities. … Continue Reading »