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Famous Punchlines – Have Fun!

Usually a Punchline or Punch Line is usually defined as the Final Line of a Joke. Hopefully, the Comedian expects laughter from his audience. But at Personalized Headlines we feel it can also be used as the Final Statement of a Profound, Memorable, Fun, Sentimental, Playful, Comical last line to give a finishing touch for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Line It’s your choice! It’s your creation! Choose the Punchline that fits the theme of your Newspaper whether it’s for a Wedding, The Birth of a Newborn Baby, Retirement, A Golden or a First Anniversary (which by the way is something made of paper), A First Home Run, Birthdays, A Hole In One, A Wedding Proposal, Graduation from The First Grade or Harvard University, and on, and on, and on. Just make sure the Punchline fits on the line you choose. Have Fun!

  • Nation Declares Holiday!
  • Demands Recount!
  • Senior Citizen Sex Symbol!!
  • Husband Offers Swap for 2 – 20’s?
  • Hello Pension, Goodbye Tension!!!
  • Education System Fails!
  • Age Finally Equals IQ!!
  • Extra! Extra!
  • Believe it or Not?
  • Parent’s Faint!
  • Take This Job and Shove it!!
  • Wedding of the Year!
  • “That’s Incredible”!!!
  • Next Stop Broadway!
  • Drafted #1 by the Cowboys!
  • Ties the Knot!!
  • Birdies Fly – Eagles Fly?
  • Will you Marry Me?
  • Viagra Stock Soars??
  • Mayor Declares Holiday!
  • ATT Stock Plunges!
  • Mind & Body Shot!!
  • Stop the Presses!!
  • The Best is yet to come!
  • Still Going Strong!
  • Going for Gold!
  • Investigation Underway!!
  • In a Class by Himself?
  • Hot off the Press!!!
  • Read All About It!!
  • Teacher’s Faint!
  • Family & Friends Rejoice!
  • Party of the Year!!
  • Better Late than Never?
  • Pedestrians Panic!
  • Next Stop Hollywood?
  • Bouncing and Beautiful!
  • Drafter #1 by Texas Rangers!
  • Hole in One!!
  • 2-Gether-4-Ever?
  • Nation Declares Holiday
  • Obama Declares Holiday
  • Citicorp Soars
  • Geritol Stock Soars!

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