Personal Headlines Vol. XXXIII No. 75498  Personal Headlines  Established in 1979

Extra Special Edition—

 Your Personal Headline On Authentic Newsprint  

Extra Special Edition—

“Hot Off The Press!”

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FAQs: Personalized Newspaper, Fake Newspaper Articles & Headlines

Melvyn’s Top Ten FAQs About Ordering Headlines

  1. How long does it take to get my order once it has been received?
    You can have it tomorrow – if you like. Please call for details @ 214-327-1793.
  2. What is the normal turn-around time to ship out my order?
    We would like between 5-7 business day to print your order and then send it out.
  3. Is there any extra charge to ship it sooner?
    Yes…60% will be added to your order when received – to send it out the same day.
    50% will be added to your order – to send it out in one day.
    40% will be added to your order – to send it out in two days.
  4. Can you take my order now on the phone?
    Absolutely! We have a real person here to help you.
  5. Can you help me create my headline?
    Absolutely! That is my job (and I love it).
  6. What is in the rest of the newspaper?
    All fun stuff about life, family, children and animals.
  7. Can I add a picture?
    Not yet, we are working on it. We only do text at this time.
  8. Why can’t I add my own picture?
    Your headline is printed on a real newspaper.
    It is not computer software and it is not a photo copy on a white sheet of paper. It’s the “REAL THING”.
  9. Do you offer Enclosure Cards?
    Yes. At the end of your checkout process, you have the opportunity to add a message you’d like included in Enclosure Card.
  10. Do you gift wrap?

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