Personal Headlines Vol. XXXIII No. 75498  Personal Headlines  Established in 1979

Extra Special Edition—

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Extra Special Edition—

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Ideal for your favorite graduate

Dr. Suess says from “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”, Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! You have Brains in your Head. You have Feet in your Shoes. You can steer yourself in any Direction you Choose. You’re on your own. And you Know what you Know. You are the Guy who’ll Decide where to go. This quote kind of sums it up for how we feel about GRADUATION at Personal Headlines. Moving ahead in Life is serious Business, well…sometimes anyway. There’s always a chance to find Humor in every situation, the Goal being to Create that SMILE FACTOR that continues to pop up in all the categories we Highlight at Personal Headlines. The Personal Headline Newspaper you Create can Emphasize the Gag or Fun Factor or be Serious and Sentimental. You’re the Reporter. You’re the Writer. You decide the Banner ( Newspaper name ), the Scope and Feeling of the Headline and as always you can choose to write a Feature Story ( 475 Character limit ), for that Proud and Deserving Graduate.

GRADUATION is also that Perfect Moment to use our Professional Custom Framing Options. Choose one of our “Classic” Custom Metal Frames ( available in Red, Black, Gold, or Blue, Non-Glare glass, Ready-to-Hang, Frame size 13”x18” ) or choose The Top of Our Line, the “Executive” Wood Frame ( available in Mahagony or Satin Black, Double Matted, Non-Glare glass, Ready-to-Hang, Frame size 20”x26” ).

If you’re going to present your Personalized Headline Gift at a GRADUATION Party, and who doesn’t like a party, this is the Perfect Opportunity to become a Personal Headlines COPYKAT. Copies of your Master Headline ( 1st copy off the Press ) are available at Great Affordable Prices. We know it sounds “Crazy”, but all of our Personalized Newspapers are Printed One-at-A-Time on our Antique Printing Presses. All you have to do is browse through our web-site, make your selections and enter our Secure Online Store to place your order. We will take care of the details. We do have to charge you for the Printing and Custom Work, but All the Smiles Are Free.

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