Personal Headlines Vol. XXXIII No. 75498  Personal Headlines  Established in 1979

Extra Special Edition—

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Extra Special Edition—

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At Personal Headlines we consider the Celebration of Birthdays throughout your lifetime the most Joyful, Funnest, Loving, Sentimental or Silly. The scope is unlimited when creating your Newspaper. So…it’s your 4th Birthday and your parents made a really Big Party with a really Big Birthday Cake.
The cake is placed right in front of you and you get permission to “dig in”. There are no set rules so you take the first chunk with your hands. Before you know it, there’s icing and cake all over the place and everyone is Laughing Hysterically. It’s a “ONE OF A KIND MOMENT” you’ll never forget.

And then you’re 10 or 50 or 90 years old, and you’re fortunate enough to receive more Personal Headlines. We’re quite sure that will happen. “How lucky can you be?’’ The Headlines may be a Joke, Gag, and “Over The Hill”, a Sentimental, “Touchy Feely, or simply a Headline or Feature Story “Singing the Praises” of your Unique Life. We are the “One and Only” Company that prints your Headline Gift the Old Fashioned Way, one at a time on our Antique Printing Presses, by expert craftsmen who “Believe it or Not!” enjoy their work. Their Greatest satisfaction is to Perfectly Print your Headline so that when your Authentic Newsprint Newspaper is received and read, A GREAT BIG SMILE will appear on your face and the person who thought of Creating this Unique Gift might even shed some tears of Joy. So… sometime in the next 365 days, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”.

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