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Extra Special Edition—

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Steve Murry Shoots 69


It’s never been proven that this most popular of Executive Sports was Absolutely played first in Scotland, but that’s a Best and Compelling guess based on available information. If you wanted to truly dig into the facts, China and the Orient are mentioned citing words like ”chuiwan”, translated as “chui” meaning strike and “wan” meaning small ball. The aim of this game was to sink this small ball into a hole. Most golfers couldn’t care less because the majority of these so-called “athletes” Love the feeling of Power when every so often they hit their dimpled miniature ball solidly with a $500.00 plus Unique instrument called a club. Sometimes the swing of this club results in a ball dribbling 20 or 30 yards down the fairway, sometimes the ball is hit solidly only to land in a water trap ( lost forever ), sometimes the ball curves into a stand of trees never to be found again.

Regardless of the Result a Unique Personalized Headline announcing the Achievement ( or a lack there of ) needs to be Hand Printed on Authentic Newsprint ( a real Newspaper and presented to the “Duffer” so that Golf History is accurately recorded. Again, the perfect time to become a Personal Headline Copykat and hand out the Results to every member of the Club. Even better, use our Professional Custom Framing service to preserve the “Winning Shot” of this Weekend Warrior. Let’s make Headlines together!

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