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Extra Special Edition—

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All children have heard the positive advice, “An apple a day keeps the Dr. away”. That might not summon up the vision of an apple for a child, but if we go way back all of us can picture that shiny red apple given to our Favorite Teacher. It’s a safe bet that Gift would sit on the corner of her desk for all to see. Other than our parents, there is no other person who has so much influence on our lives than the Teachers we’ve had from Pre-School to College and for some of us even further. Most teachers know instinctually what Students want and need. Here’s the way one caring and endearing Teacher puts it: Children need to have Fun, need to be listened to, need to be read to, to be given the chance to make mistakes and then encourage them not to be afraid to try again, to be trusted, to have that Band aid ready when needed, to encourage a sense of wonder, to play, to be given lots of hugs, to be given room to grow, to give affection and most of all Teachers must be responsible and feel answerable for their students learning and accountable for their well being. WOW! What an unrelenting Task.

So…when it’s time to return the love and say thank you, one of our Personalized Gifts say it all. No matter whether it’s simply our basic Newspaper Headline on Authentic Newsprint, or have the Headline Laminated, or to use our Professional Custom Framing by choosing our “Classic” metal Frame, or go for it all by choosing the “Executive” Frame in either Black Satin or Mahagony wood Frame. Our Products have such Powerful Results, you might see your Teacher Smile and shed some tears of Joy

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