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They’ve Got Game!

Yes, James Naismith Would Be Proud!

The year was 1892 in a Massachusetts YMCA. Mr. Naismith was in charge of keeping the young athletes Healthy and Safe by creating Exciting Fun games. Volleyball was already one of those dependable and proven activities. At times however the volleyball net would either tear, become unusable or mysteriously disappear. What to do with those unused volleyballs? Serendipitously, peach baskets were donated to the Y to be used for any reason Naismith could come up with. “EUREKA”. Naismith would nail these peach baskets about 8’ off the ground just below the 1st balcony. “I’ll have my kids try to throw ( shoot ) the volleyballs into the baskets from various distances”. The kids Loved the idea. One major problem however, it took too much time to retrieve the balls from the baskets until a janitor suggested the bottoms of the baskets should be cut out. “VOILA”, the game of basketball was born.

At Personalized Headlines we salute any ACHIEVEMENT that involves Athletes of all ages. Whether games or tournaments are won or lost, Positive Recognition is deserved Simply for the effort. It’s the Perfect time for Coaches or Parents to become a Personal Headline COPYKAT. Present each player with an Authentic Newspaper with his or her name Hand Printed along with celebrating their Accomplishment. Let’s create Pride and Smiles with Personalized Newspaper Headlines.

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