Personal Headlines Vol. XXXIII No. 75498  Personal Headlines  Established in 1979

Extra Special Edition—

 Your Personal Headline On Authentic Newsprint  

Extra Special Edition—

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One of our most popular Retirement thoughts at Personalized Headlines is: “HELLO PENSION, GOODBYE TENSION”. Let Personal Headlines help you create a Unique Personalized Retirement Gift for your Boss, Co-Worker, Best Office Buddy, Teacher, Coach or any other Profession you can think of. The theme of a Personal Headline Newspaper can either be Humorous or Sentimental. A Gag Gift or one of deep Sincerity. The object is to show the recipient your Appreciation for years of Loyal Service. Retirement to some comes way too soon, to others it’s the beginning of a journey of self-discovery filled with excitement. As with all of our Personalized Headline Newspapers if you’re stuck and can’t think of what to say or that your Headline just doesn’t fit, call our HOTLINE at 214-327-1793.

Remember, you’re the Reporter. Your Scoop is considered Front Page News all Above the Fold! GOOD NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESS! You originate the Banner ( the Newspaper Name ), The Personalized Headline, and also a Personalized Feature Story ( limited to 500 Characters ). Most of the Feature Stories we receive are Factual with more that a little Sensationalism sprinkled in for Fun!

When composing your Personalized Headline Newspaper on Authentic Newsprint keep in mind the Importance of this moment. Retirement is a time when one is done eking out a living and should be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his or her labor. It’s time to smell the coffee or the smell of flowers or whatever is good to smell. As with most of our Headlines it’s the Perfect time to make someone Smile. It’s also the Perfect time to take advantage of our Professional Custom Framing choices: Our “Classic” Metal Frames ( in 4 different colors – Black, Gold, Red, or Blue, Non-Glare glass, ready to hang ), or take it to the limit by choosing our “Executive” Wood Frames ( in Satin Black or Mahogany, Double Matted, Non-Glare glass, ready to hang ).

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